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Note: The installer and Interface are in German, but all can be changed to English from the Settings
Working in the research field can be heavily influenced by the quality of the materials you are relying on, such as documentation or equipment.
Although high-performance equipment might prove difficult to acquire, it is possible to benefit from efficient documentation sources by relying on third-party software. Refeus is one of the applications that can help you collect and organize these sources.
Comprehensive user interface with numerous handy features
This application comes with an extensive library of functions that allows you to collect and organize scientific publications quickly , while also helping you create and publish your own material. In order to use this program to its full extent, you need medium PC skills and fundamental knowledge about scientific publications.
However, note that this utility does not feature an integrated help manual in English, but it does include a German one. Therefore, if you are not familiar with the latter, it might not help you understand its functions. Additionally, some of this application's sections are written in the same language.
Easily add publications to the integrated library or browse online for content
You can rely on this application if you need a convenient tool that allows you to organize scientific publications or generate your own content. It is possible to browse an online library (InfoPool) and synchronize your documents for better management.
Refeus allows you to create publications, documents or nuggets by providing you with multiple useful features. You can enhance the online library by adding new content, as creating a new publication entry allows you to specify multiple details. Some of them are authors, ISBN, volume, series, abstract and release date.
Export created documents in a convenient manner
After generating a document, you can quickly export it to your computer, for safe keeping. You just need to define a hierarchy and references, select a template, an output format and a destination path and hit the Start Export button.
To sum it up, Refeus is a comprehensive, handy utility that can help you organize scientific publications and create your own content. However, you should note that the user guide is only available in German, along with some of this application's sections.


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Download 🔗 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Refeus have a library that we can use or export to create a publication or nugget. You can organize your publications in any way you want. This includes an integrated library search for publications and authors.
If you go into the search results page you can also import, export and create new publications.
– Support for multiple languages
– Cloud integrated library
– Search results can be sorted by any criteria
– Creating new publications, documents and nuggets
– List of authors in articles
– Exporting documents
– Creating documents in PDF or DOC format
– Rename a publication and several formatting options.
– Full text search and export of results to various formats
Please report any issues.
This update contains only bug fixes and no new features.
A German user guide is available in the package, if you are interested.
This is a standalone application and does not depend on a Unity plugin.

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Edit References (Portable Document Format) :
Refexus is the first software for sharing and exchange of the resulting documents. The reference database will be loaded on your computer and each document will contain the “Set of references” to facilitate fast access to the desired references. The reference catalog can be in one of the following formats: Refexus – Pro, EZ, PDF, XML or HTML

Our website is a free service, so if you have found anything worth knowing about Refeus, We are more than happy to help you. Just let us know through an email to admin@refeus.ch

Refexus Description

Refexus is the first software for sharing and exchange of the resulting documents. The reference database will be loaded on your computer and each document will contain the “Set of references” to facilitate fast access to the desired references. The reference catalog can be in one of the following formats: Refexus – Pro, EZ, PDF, XML or HTML.


I was amazed when I first saw the interface of Refeus as it was much easier to use than other similar software. At first, I thought it was the greatest. You can benefit from this program by adding publication entries to a library with an online service or by creating a personal library. Apart from that, the software enables you to generate your own content quickly.

If you can withstand learning how to use an application, Refeus is perfect for you. If not, you should learn how to edit the output or create your own document. In my opinion, this is the perfect software for writing a scientific paper.

1 review for Refexus

The Software Is easy to Use

5 out of 5

Refexus is a great tool for sharing and online references for paper writing. Its interface is very easy to use and quick to learn. You just need to load the reference database and choose the way you want to have the references.

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What’s New in the?

This application can be used to organize scientific publications and generate your own. It is possible to use multiple utilities to synchronize your documents, and export them in a prompt manner. Compatible with Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 2000 and Windows 2000.

Does it work as documented?Yes, great!

Refeus Comments:
Importing books from your library into your Refeus account. You may synchronize your offline library and your Refeus account, opening the sources in both databases in real-time. You can merge your library and Refeus if you want to access your references from both places.


Summary: I don’t support this product, but I can help you to resolve the issue
You can use our trouble ticket system:
If you have any questions or comments, just contact me: support@softspecies.com

Summary: Here is the full manual in English
I hope you can use it to your satisfaction! If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know: support@softspecies.com
You can also contact me directly on Facebook:


Nov 20, 2015

Svea Carstensen, Reference Informatics,…

Summary: everything works fine

Nice app!!!


Jul 29, 2015

Fuzzy Mathew, Fuzzy Mathew

Summary: Works just as the original site states.

Great reference and functionality


May 07, 2015

Reviewed by: Quenton, Accounting Specialist



I am able to setup my library, print my library items to pdf, my libraries with multiple pricing tiers as well as my library with per volume pricing. I can also easily search my library for specific volumes.


It is very easy to setup and the app is very intuitive to use.


My wish would be to be able to export the order as well. This would save the time for me to reconfirm the documents. But this is a very minor flaw.


Refeuse is a great tool to help me manage and organize my library. I am able to print my library items to pdf and even export the orders to PDF. I like the


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