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Stress Free Kids founder Lori Lite and composer David Jacopin team up to create a musical relaxation oasis for kids! Children decrease stress, anxiety, and anger while enjoying dolphins, laughing with fireflies, exploring the rainforest, and walking on the moon.

This full hour of kids relaxation music is masterfully created to entertain children while evoking a relaxation response.

Child-friendly melodies and sounds of nature help children achieve a deep state of relaxation and sleep. Each 15 minute track is playfully sprinkled with whimsy to soothe, delight, and encourage creative thinking. Kids love relaxing with Dolphin Dance, Firefly Flight, Rain Forest, and Red Moon. Treat your children and yourself to magical musical melodies and experience falling asleep peacefully.

This CD was designed to delight children, but the music can be enjoyed by all ages.


Lori Lite has a unique gift for knowing the child’s heart. Indigo Dreams is another example of her passion for creating a more stress free family environment. Children and parents alike will enjoy this soothing musical CD which incorporates a backdrop of dolphins whistling, crickets chirping, and birds singing, along with the soulful sound of children laughing. Indigo Dreams will take your child on a journey to that calm place within, a place you just might want to travel with them! –Cathi Curen

I have found this CD to be extremely helpful with my children. There are times when they are just so excited, they can’t calm down. The kids even ask for it on their own! –Jennifer-Teacher

My new 7th grader was anxious about the first day of Middle School and was having a harder than usual time going to sleep. Once it occurred to me I should, I put Indigo Dreams in the CD player and 5 minutes later she was into a deep sleep. We have used it regularly since then, and it’s easy to see how it relaxes her and takes her 12 year old mind to the place every 12 year old mind should be when it needs rest –Bomber


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